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SmoothCopy Installation Guide

SmoothCopy can be run on the command line from anywhere. No specific installation is required, so long as SmoothCopy-Console is in the same directory as the two SmoothCopy DLL's.

For convenience we have included a SmoothCopy Grab Pack for copying SmoothCopy to your Program Files directory. Read on for further details on how that works.

Thank you for using SmoothCopy.

Step 1. Unzip the zip file.

You're reading this so I guess that's done.

Step 2. Introduce yourself to files in this folder.

Step 3. Configure install.bat (optional).

Unless you are really picky, the default settings should be fine for you. SmoothCopy will be installed to C:\Program Files\Black Knight Technology\SmoothCopy\
  1. If you are going to install SmoothCopy to a specific location other than C:\Program Files\Black Knight Technology\SmoothCopy, change the appropriate options in the batch file for executing SmoothCopy. Most likely, you are going to want to change the install location by modifying the destination root using the -r flag. Replace C:\Program Files\Black Knight Technology with your desired root.
  2. If you'd like to change the folder SmoothCopy goes into, modify the injection string with the -n flag. Replace SmoothCopy (the one following -n) with any string of your choosing or, erase it completely if you don't want SmoothCopy to go into a folder.
  3. If you don't want to install any documentation, you'll have to specify a specific distribution using the -d flag. There are two distributions in the installer.xml Grab Pack, exec and docs. If you only want to install the executable, specify -d exec. For documentation only, -d docs. To install both either specify nothing (install everything) or -d exec,docs.

Step 4. Run install.bat

If you choose to install SmoothCopy using SmoothCopy, run the batch file.

Step 5. Enjoy using SmoothCopy.

We've found it useful to add SmoothCopy to our path for easier use.

Thank you for downloading SmoothCopy and giving it a try. If you have any problems or questions please visit the SmoothCopy website. The User's Guide would be a good place to go next if you are curious about how to use SmoothCopy.

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